五味 文彦Fumihiko Gomi

Fimihiko Gomi [Plan to fly]
1953 長野県生まれ
1977 武蔵野美術大学造形学部油絵学科卒業
1989 国画会出品(~1992)
1994 白日会出品
2000 五味文彦・小尾修・諏訪敦 三人展(春風洞画廊)
2001 第20回安田火災財団選抜奨励展
2002 写実~レアリスム絵画の現在(奈良県立美術館)
2003 存在の美学(日本橋高島屋 他、2005)
2005 白日会内閣総理大臣賞
2009 ざ・てわざ展(日本橋三越)
2010 ホキ美術館開館記念特別展(ホキ美術館、~2017)
2012 +PLUS ジ・アートフェア(Gallery Suchi ブース、~2013)
アート台北2012(Gallery Suchi ブース、~2013)
写実変(Gallery Suchi)
2013 アジア・ホテルアートフェア香港 13(Gallery Suchi ブース)
重力2(Gallery Suchi)
反写実(Gallery Suchi)
Small Collection by Gallery Suchi(ホキ美術館、~2017)
2014 異境(Gallery Suchi、~2016)


1995 池袋東武
1997 日本橋三越(2000、2004)
1953 Born in Nagano
1977 Graduated from the Department of Oil painting, Musashino Art University
1989 Kokugakai Art Exhibition (~1992)
1994 Hakujitukai Art Exhibition
2000 Three Artists Exhibition, Fumihiko Gomi/ Osamu Obi/ Atsushi Suwa (Shunpudo Gallery)
2001 Applied for 20th Yasuda Kasai Museum of art encouragement Exhibition
(Yasuda Kasai Museum of Art)
2002 The present Age of Realism painting (Nara Prefectural Museum of Art)
2003 Beauty of Existence Exhibition (Each store at Takasimaya, 2005)
2005 The Minister Prize of the Hakujitukai Art Exhibition
2009 The Tewaza Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)
2010 HOKI Museum Opening Exhibition (HOKI Museum, Chiba, ~2017)v

2012 +PLUS the Art Fair (Gallery Suchi Booth, ~2013)
ART TAIPEI (Gallery Suchi Booth, ~2013)
SHAJITSUHEN (Gallery Suchi)
2013 Asia Hotel Art Fair HK 13 (Gallery Suchi Booth)
JURYOKU 2 (Gallery Suchi)
SYAJITUHEN (Gallery Suchi)
Small Collection by Gallery Suchi (HOKI Museum, ~2017)
2014 IKYOU (Gallery Suchi, ~2016)

Solo Exhibition

1995 Tobu Ikebukuro
1997 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (2000, 2004)